Newsletter 01

Action in SEB-21

We are delighted to announce our 1st Conference Session as part of the 13th International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, which will take place on 15-17 September 2021 in Split, Croatia (SEB-21). The Special Session is jointly organised by the IEA EBC Annex 83 and it will be dedicated to research on Positive Energy Districts (PEDs).

The call for papers is open and you are cordially invited to submit high-quality papers on topics related to PEDs. Submissions for the conference must be made as complete papers (there is no abstract submission stage). Full papers will be reviewed and if accepted and presented, they may be published in a volume of the KES Smart Innovation Systems and Technologies series by Springer.

For more information, please check out the conference website and the flyer of the Special Session. If you intend to submit a paper for the special session, please fill in the paper tracking form. When preparing the paper, please use the official template.

Deadline for submission of full papers (camera-ready) is 4 June 2021.

2nd Action MC Meeting

As announced earlier, the 2nd Management Committee Meeting of the Action will take place on the 5th May. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the meeting will be hosted online this time.

The meeting aims to update MC Members about the Action including the development of the network, progress of the Working Groups, revision of budget plan, upcoming activities, etc. All MC Members will receive an official invitation and the agenda via e-COST shortly.

Mapping Survey and PED Database

The work on the PED database is steadily progressing. To ensure that the database contain a wide range of PED projects, we would like to invite you to provide information on PED-relevant projects that you are or have been involved in. This renewed survey intends to collect information of projects, which are not included in the 1st mapping survey carried out in December 2020.

Please fill in the survey if there are new projects that you would like to add. Subsequent to this initial survey, a more detailed data collection based on the listed projects will follow in April-May 2021.

Short-Term Scientific Missions and ITC Grants

After the 1st round of proposal call, 4 Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) were selected. The missions will take place in Spring-Summer this year and their outcomes will contribute to the work of WG 1 and 2. The next round of proposal call will be launched soon.

Besides, we will also launch the call for ITC Conference Grants soon. The grant aims to support PhD students and ECI researchers from participating Inclusiveness Target countries (ITC) to attend international conferences.

Call for Experts

WG4 aims to produce high-level outcomes. Owing to the multidisciplinary nature of PEDs, we would need to form a team of experts on different topics to refer to for the various activities of WG4 (training schools, document & paper revisions, etc.). If you would like to join the Expert team, please fill in this form.

Call for Ambassadors

Alignment and coordination are very important and we are seeking Action members who are also involved in other relevant initiatives on PEDs to build the connection.

If you would like to introduce us to other relevant initiatives or networks and act as the bridge in between, please fill in this form. We will contact you for further discussion.

News from Action Members

The Special Issue “Sustainable Integrated Planning of Positive Energy Districts” in the journal Sustainability is calling for papers, please check out the journal webpage for more information.

Latest Updates

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The application for STSMs is now open, successful applicants are expected to undertake the proposed scientific missions between 01 July and 15 September 2021. A maximum of 2000 EUR can be awarded for each grant. In this open...
We are delighted to announce our 1st Conference Session as part of the 13th International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, which will take place on 15-17 September 2021 in Split, Croatia (SEB-21). The Special Session is...