PED-EU-NET is proud to present the PED Database, an interactive database that is continuously updated to provide an overview of a range of PED projects. Using filters, it is possible to view details on some PEDs selectively. There are links to more detailed characteristics of each featured PED project, and a tool to compare characteristics across projects. We hope the tool is actively used, and welcome inputs to expand its coverage!

If you wish to get involved in this effort or simply add a single entry, please contact Beril Alpagut

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Authors (framework concept)

Beril Alpagut (Demir Energy); Giulia Turci (University of Bologna); Michal Kuzmic (Czech Technical University in Prague); Paolo Civiero (Università Roma Tre); Serena Pagliulia (University of Bologna); Oscar Seco (CIEMAT); Silvia Soutullo (CIEMAT); Daniele Vettorato (EURAC Research, IEA Annex 83); Bailador Ferreras M. Almudena (CIEMAT); Vicky Albert-Seifried (FHG ISE)

Contributors (to the content)

Laura Aelenei (LNEG), Nienke Maas (TNO), Savis Gohari (OsloMet), Andras Reith (ABUD), Ghazal Etminan (AIT), Maria-Beatrice Andreucci (Universita Sapienza), Francesco Reda (VTT, IEA Annex 83), Mari Hukkalainen (VTT), Judith-Borsboom (Locality), Gilda Massa (ENEA), Jelena Ziemele (University of Latvia), Nikola Pokorny (CVUT), Sergio Diaz de Garayo Balsategui (CENER, IEA Annex 83), Matthias Haaze (ZHAW, IEA Annex 83), Christoph Gollner (FFG, JPI UE), Silvia Bossi (ENEA, JPI UE), Christian Winzer (Zurich University of Applied Science), George Martinopoulos (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas), Maria Nuria Sánchez (CIEMAT), Angelina Tomova (Energy Agency of Plovdiv)

Implemented by Filipe Martins, Jamal Khan
Marek Suchánek (Czech Technical University in Prague)