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The COST Action Positive Energy Districts European Network (PED-EU-NET) aims to mobilise researchers and other relevant stakeholders across different domains and sectors to drive the deployment of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in Europe through open sharing of knowledge, exchange of ideas, pooling of resources, experimentation of new methods and co-creation of novel solutions.

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COST Action CA19126 PED-EU-NET
Positive Energy Districts European Network
Training School Call for Applicants
“Implementing Positive Energy Districts (PED). Learning from Zürich”
17-21 September 2023, ZHAW Zürich University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Facility Management, Zürich, Switzerland
COST Action PED-EU-NET Conference ‘Energy in Built Environment: Climate-Driven Solutions for Next Generation EU Cities’
Lisbon, 29-30 June 2023
Title: Indicators for regenerative, positive energy district renovation Overview The performance of PED developments is measured by defining Keys Performance Indicators (KPIs). Currently several existing KPI systems are available for sustainable developments, and some exist for regenerative developments...
Title: PED task force for PED framework development Overview The goal of this STSM was setting up a framework for policy/regulatory/economic PED + data collection on national frameworks. The working plan was divided into four phases. In the...
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by Sidra Aslam; Viktor Bukovszki; Michael Mrissa
Sustainability in Energy and Buildings
by Xingxing Zhang; Santhan Reddy Penaka; Samhita Giriraj; Maria Nuria Sanchez; Paolo Civiero
Sustainability in Energy and Buildings
by Caroline Cheng; Vicky Albert-Seifried; Laura Aelenei; Han Vandevyvere; Oscar Seco; M. Nuria Sánchez; Mari Hukkalainen
Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

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